Hillcrest Academy North

Hillcrest Academy North

During the month of October, Hillcrest Academy North participated in a school-wide initiative to combat bullying. The Stomp Out Bullying campaign helped to unify our staff and students and raise awareness for the prevention of bullying and harassment.

Each day for the month of October, inspirational quotes were shared by our students on the loudspeaker during morning announcements in an effort to set the tone in the building. In addition to sharing uplifting messages with their peers, students committed to preventing bullying by signing the “Bullying Pledge” as seen in the photo. By signing this pledge, students agreed to uphold a school-wide climate of acceptance and not bully others.

Students and staff take great pride in spreading positive vibrations around the school and uplifting our students to be productive members of society, both during and after their years at Hillcrest Academy North.

For further information about Hillcrest Academy North, please contact John Marquet, Principal, at (908) 233-9366 Ext. 11. 

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