What is Hillcrest Academy South Campus? 

Hillcrest Academy South Campus assists students from the Elizabeth Public School System in reaching their full potential by providing an alternative to the traditional high school setting. We offer smaller class sizes with a rigorous and challenging high school curriculum that is aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and prepares students for college and career. Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive, and empowering school environment that fosters lifelong learning, mutual respect, creativity, and the joy of learning with an effective, caring, innovative staff in partnership with home and the community. 

What is the admissions process? 

Hillcrest Academy South Campus is only open to high school students currently enrolled in the Elizabeth Public School (EPS) District who are in grades 9 through 12. Students and parents must contact their EPS guidance counselor for an interview to be scheduled at our school. If the student is accepted, he/she will be required to sign out of their Elizabeth Academy through their guidance counselor to begin school at Hillcrest Academy. 

What is the Pathways to Union County College Program? 

The Pathways to Union County College Program is a grant funded program offered by the Union County Educational Services Foundation that allows Hillcrest Academy seniors who meet admission criteria the opportunity to enroll in college courses during the spring semester of their senior year. 

What is the Student Advocate Program? 

The Student Advocate Program aligns with the mission of the school by providing a system of accountability where students, staff, and families are able to communicate to assure that each student learns to take responsibility for themselves, their schooling, and planning for their future. 

How do students fulfill the community service requirement for graduation? 

Students are provided with in house and off campus opportunities to serve the communities in which they live and attend school, while fulfilling Elizabeth Public School’s community service requirement and providing them with exposure to opportunities that allow them to see that they personally have so much to offer the world. 

How do students prepare for college and career? 

Through regular sessions with the guidance counselor and social worker, students receive college and career guidance, assistance in the college application process, and instruction on developing the skills necessary to succeed after graduation.