Principal's Page


Claudine Tantillo

908 232-4181 Ext. 405

I am extremely honored to be the Principal at Westlake School.  I have worked in Special Education for over 11 years, as a paraprofessional, a teacher and a Supervisor of Instruction. My personal and professional mission is to lead a life of accomplishment and great success by: 

  • Being a lifelong learner and encouraging my own children and students to do the same
  • Centering my life around the principles of integrity, values, and community service
  • Remembering the important things in life are family, friends and good health
  • Giving to others and remembering just how fortunate we are
  • Being a role model for others
  • Being respected as a leader and an educator
  • Being remembered as hard working and dedicated to teaching students to reach their highest potential.  

Westlake School creates a caring, warm, positive environment where students are provided with experiences that will assist them in developing the necessary academic and daily living skills to function in the community.  Every child is capable of learning, and at Westlake our goal is to teach to the needs of our students. The staff at Westlake is very dedicated and work hard to make sure that all students strive.  It is amazing how easy they make it look!  Please come visit and get to know all of Westlake! With collaboration between staff, students, parental involvement and community participation, it is our responsibility to encourage students to reach their goals and become successful.

My mission reflects my personal beliefs and values. I will always remember as an educational leader that student needs come first; that we foster the diversification of students and provide a positive learning environment; and that even as a professional leader, a smile and a kind word may bring encouragement and show respect to our students, staff, parents and our community.


Claudine Tantillo