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High School Curriculum Framework

The Union County Educational Services Commission (UCESC) is a public school district located in Westfield, New Jersey.  The district was established in June, 1969 to provide high-quality and cost-effective educational programs and solutions in response to the needs of the students, parents, faculty and administration of the 21 member school districts in Union County.

The curricula for the high school programs (Hillcrest Academy North, Hillcrest Academy South, and Lamberts Mill Academy) was designed by content area teachers in consultation with the Director of Curriculum and Instruction. All curricula follow the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and were informed by the New Jersey Curricular Frameworks.

The district’s Curriculum and Instruction philosophy is based on Heidi Hayes Jacobs work in Curriculum Mapping and Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe’s model of Understanding by Design. Teachers work together to create Consensus Maps and then use those maps to inform their own Projected Maps and Daily Lesson Plans. All work is completed following the Backwards Design model.

High School Curriculum & Instruction Guide

High School Curriculum Framework

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