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Union County Educational Services Commission recognizes that teacher effectiveness has a profound impact on student achievement. It is our strong belief that lessons learned during the first years in the classroom shape the future performance of novice teachers.

The Commission envisions a comprehensive mentoring program that provides the individualized support, collegial conversations, professional learning opportunities, supervision, evaluation, and feedback needed for novice teachers to meet success.

UCESC Mentoring Plan

UCESC Mentoring Plan 2023-26

Mentoring Forms

1. Mentor Teacher Application Form
2. Mentor Teacher Reference Form
3. Mentor Teacher Assignment Form
4. Authorization of Payroll Deduction - 20 Day
5. Authorization of Payroll Deduction - 30 Week
6. Initial Needs Assessment - Mentor Teacher
7. Initial Needs Assessment - Novice Teacher
8. Mentoring Contract
9. No Fault Exit Form
10. Mentoring Log
11. Certification of Mentoring - 4 Week
12. Certification of Mentoring - 30 Week
13. Exit Survey - Novice Teacher
14. Exit Survey - Mentor Teacher
15. Mentoring Transfer Template