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Staff Evaluation


Union County Educational Services Commission recognizes that teacher effectiveness has a profound impact on student achievement. We strive to implement an evaluation process that fosters self-reflection and collaboration; acknowledges exceptional instructional practices and provides meaningful constructive feedback needed for teachers to learn and grow professionally. 

AchieveNJ Annual Update - Fall 2023

UCESC Staff Evaluation Manual 2023-2024

Staff Evaluation Forms 2023-2024

1. Pre-Observation Planning Form
2. Post-Observation Reflection Form
3. Administrator Co-Observation Form
4. Student Growth Objective - NJDOE Form
5. Student Growth Objective - Target Data Form
6. Student Growth Objective - Student Assessment Rubric
7. Student Growth Objective - Student Progress Tracker
8. Summative Evaluation Reflection Form
9. Professional Development Hour Log
10. Professional Development Plan
11. Corrective Action Plan 
12. Administrator Evaluation Goals
13. Administrator Evaluation SGO Summary
14. Annual Summary Evaluation Reflection Form
15. Administrator Professional Development Plan 
16. Custodian Summative Evaluation Form 
17. Office Staff Summative Evaluation Form 
18. Teacher Assistant Evaluation Survey
19. Teacher Assistant Evaluation Form

Staff Evaluation Manual - Appendices

Appendix A - NJDOE SGO Guidebook
Appendix B - UCESC SGO Guidebook
Appendix C - Danielson Framework for Teaching (2013)
Appendix D - Danielson Domain 1-3 Scoring Rubrics
Appendix E - New Jersey Principal Evaluation for Professional Learning Observation Process
Appendix F - New Jersey Principal Evaluation for Professional Learning Observation Instrument 

School Improvement Panels & DEAC Committee 

ScIP Members and Meeting Dates

NJDOE AchieveNJ Resources

NJDOE AchieveNJ Homepage
NJ Professional Standards for Teachers
NJ Standards for Professional Learning