Course Descriptions

Drawing and Painting I

This course will encourage authentic creative expression in the form of two dimensional artwork through the use and experimentation of art mediums inspired by personal themes.  Students will make connections through art history and understand how artists translate themes into tangible and symbolic pieces of art.  Students will utilize art criticism as a way of understanding the themes and techniques used in art and will use it to support and explain their own art making journey.


Drawing and Painting II

In Drawing and Painting II, students will continue to use problem solving skills and critical thinking in order to design projects and understand connections to art history and the present.  They will gain a deeper understanding of the purpose of art and the artist’s place in the world around them.  Students will focus on design as it pertains to both aestheticism and function and will understand real life applications of art and techniques in society.  


Print Making

In addition to continuing the work of Drawing and Painting, students enrolled in this course will be introduced to various techniques in printmaking such as block printing, collagraphs, chine colle, mono-prints, use of the rolling press and silk screening.  Students will utilize these fine arts techniques as they learn the design process, layout, history and function of these processes.  Students will create for both aesthetic and function and understand the historical, cultural and conceptual aspects of printmaking.