Staff Manual


District Staff Manual 2019-20

UCESC Staff Manual 2020-21

District Staff Manual Forms 

Appendix A - Affirmative Action Guide
Appendix B - Staff Attendance - Teaching Staff
Appendix C - Staff Attendance - Support Staff
Appendix D - Request for Prior Approval of Absence
Appendix E - Notification of Absence
Appendix F - AESOP Instructions
Appendix G - Everbridge Emergency Contact Form
Appendix H - Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Appendix I - Delayed Opening Lunch Schedule
Appendix J - Invoice for Extra Service
Appendix K - Field Trip Lunch Notification Form
Appendix L - Field Trip Permission Form
Appendix M - Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Policy
Appendix N - Supply Requisition Form
Appendix O - Media Approval Form
Appendix P - Professional Development Request
Appendix Q - Staff Development Report Form
Appendix R - Employee Accident-Incident Form
Appendix S - Student Accident-Incident Form
Appendix T - Physical Restraint Incident Report
Appendix U - Integrated Pest Management Notice
Appendix V - Maintenance Request Form
Appendix W - School Business Mileage
Appendix X - Employee Acknowledgement of District Technology
Appendix Y - Employee Acknowledgement of Identification Card
Appendix Z - Tuition Reimbursement Request
Appendix AA - Acceptable Use of Computer Networks - Teaching Staff
Appendix BB - Acceptable Use of Computer Networks - Support Staff
Appendix CC - Procedures for Responding to Work Related Injuries
Appendix DD - Employee Acknowledgement of Staff Manual

District Procedures

Sick Leave Procedures - Part-Time Staff
Weekly Schedule - Part-Time Staff
Notification of Absence - Part-Time Staff