Transition Services



The mission of the UCESC Transition Services Department is to maximize the potential and independence of each student to ensure a fulfilling life after high school. We use a person-centered approach to help prepare students with varying disabilities (ages 16-21) for an integrated and meaningful adult life. We primarily focus on helping students develop employment readiness and when applicable plan for continued post-secondary education or training.

Students in our programs will:

  • Be able to self-identify their own strengths, interests, preferences, and needs

  • Dream big and create  individual post-secondary transition goals

  • Demonstrate high levels of personal choice and self-determination

  • Develop critical skills that will enable them to work effectively and be independent adults

  • Understand, apply for, and receive post-high school adult services

  • Attain sustainable, competitive employment in the community; and/or enroll in continued education or training programs after high school