Sub-Contracted SLE Services for Union County School Districts


UCESC partners with local school districts to provide sub-contracted structured learning experience (SLE) services. While districts typically are able to provide classroom-based instruction in career readiness and functional life skills, they often do not have the capacity to provide community-based work-learning experiences. UCESC works with disrtricts to develop and manager successful SLE programs that allow students to participate in unpaid or paid internships at local community businesses. UCESC staff remain on-site during the internships to provide and fade support and assistance as needed.

Program Options: Customizable to meet the district’s needs and available resources.

: Students who are currently enrolled in their home school district and have completed most or all of their high school graduation requirements. Ages 16 to 20. Often times students are part of a self-contained program at their home high school. 

Student Needs: Participating students have a variety of disabilities. These disabilities may include, but are not limited to autism spectrum disorders, communication impairments, cognitive impairments, and physical or medical impairments. Students sometimes have multiple disabilities. All students need support in developing critical skills for future employment and independent living. 

Staffing: SLE supervising teacher and paraprofessionals/job coaches.

Transportation: Included. UCESC transports students to and from business sites either via walking, public transportation, or a UCESC school vehicle.

For more information or to setup a tour, please contact Josh Bornstein, Director of Special Projects at [email protected] or (908) 233-9317 Ext. 246.