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Parent Resources

The following websites provide additional information regarding the programs, services and partnerships at Crossroads School.
Edmark Reading Program

The Edmark Reading Program teaches basic reading skills to the most struggling readers and non-readers. Through short instructional steps, students are taught recognition and comprehension of words. Carefully planned introduction of words and evolution of sentence structure promote language development. The content is appropriate for students of all ages. Student progress is automatically tracked, and single-switch scanning is supported.  

SRA Reading Mastery

Reading Mastery Signature Edition uses the highly explicit, systematic approach of Direct Instruction to accelerate reading and help students achieve a high rate of success. Three strands address Reading, Language Arts, and Literature through a common instructional design that helps students learn more efficiently. With the addition of technology-based resources for both additional practice and professional development, Reading Mastery Signature Edition helps teachers optimize each minute spent in the classroom.

Handwriting Without Tears


The developmentally based, flexible, and engaging Handwriting Without Tears® program is the easiest, most effective way for children to develop good handwriting skills. It has been used successfully by more than 10 million children.  

New Jersey Department of Education

The Department of Education website provides parent-friendly information about curriculum, instruction, student assessment, legal issues and links to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Contends Standards and Preschool Expectations for Teaching and Learning.

Teaching Strategies, Incorporated

Teaching Strategies is the official home to The Creative Curriculum for Preschool. The site offers easy to use, practical, innovative, and developmentally appropriate curriculum materials, in addition to parenting resources and staff development services and materials.

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is the leading advocacy agency in the country whose mission is to inform and raise public awareness of autism by raising money to fund research. The website provides current information about autism research and idea.

Autism NJ (formerly COSAC)

Autism NJ is a non-profit agency in New Jersey that provides information, advocacy services, family and professional education and consultation to the autism community. 

The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding

This official home of Carol Gray, the professional who developed Social Stories, provides information about guidelines for writing social stories, sample stories and additional resources for using social stories to teach social skills to children with autistic spectrum disorders.

The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism

This foundation’s mission is to aid financially disadvantaged families who need assistance in caring for their children with autism and to fund education and research into the causes and consequences of childhood autism.

Autism Society of America

The Autism Society of America provides information and supports efforts to promote education, awareness and advocacy on critical autism issues.

The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc

The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs is a non-profit organization located in Morris Plains, New Jersey that trains, evaluates and provides all therapy dogs who visit Crossroads School.  

Autism Society of America/Autism Source


See our listing on the Autism Source page on the Autism Society of America's website. Autism Source, ASA's online referral database, was created in 2004 and is the most comprehensive database of its kind. You can search autism-related services nationwide by location or service type.   

NJ Family Magazine


Look for Crossroads School directory listing on this online magazine's website.