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Students participate in Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physical Therapy on an individual and/or group basis in accordance with their IEP recommendations. Therapy sessions are integrated across a variety of settings to promote generalization and functional applications of skills.

Speech-Language Therapy
Our Speech-Language Therapists work with our students to improve their functional communication skills so they are able to successfully interact with others in a variety of situations. Areas of therapy addressed include receptive, expressive and pragmatic (social) language, articulation, voice, fluency, oral-motor and feeding skills. For students who benefit from augmentative/alternative communication systems, our Speech-Language Therapists are trained to help our students to communicate using sign language, picture exchange systems and/or voice output devices.

Occupational Therapy
‚ÄčOur Occupational Therapists help our students to develop and improve their adaptive and physical skills that are needed for successful performance within the school environment. Our Occupational Therapists utilize a multi-sensory approach with our students, and therapy focuses on developing skills related to sensory-motor integration, coordination of movement, fine motor skills, and self-help skills. Our Occupational Therapists collaborate with classroom and related services staff and parents to develop and implement sensory diets, which help students to stay focused and organized throughout the day.

Physical Therapy
Our Physical Therapists work with students to improve skills related to body awareness, coordination and motor planning. Students are guided and challenged to engage in physical activities that require them to use their bodies in an efficient and effective manner. Participation in such activities helps our students to perform the functional activities they need in a school setting.