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An important program objective at Hillcrest Academy is the support for the student’s continued development. Students may be referred to these support teams for additional assistance which will improve their chances of modifying unacceptable attendance, academics and/or behavior.

Social Worker

Students have access to an onsite social worker as-needed on a daily basis. The social worker is available for individual, group and peer mediation interventions. The social worker also assists students in post-graduation planning.

School Counselor

Students will meet with our school counselor to ensure their courses are aligned to meet the Elizabeth Public School District's graduation requirements. Our school counselor also provides a post-graduation plain that can include college, career, military, or workforce plans.  

School Psychiatrist Students have access to a school psychiatrist on an as-needed basis every month for individual counseling services. Intervention and Referral Service (I&RS) Team This team is comprised of the principal, supervisor of instruction, social worker, school nurse, student assistance coordinator, and a teacher. This team will intervene whenever there is a concern regarding a student’s attendance, academics, and/or behavior. Parents/guardians and representatives from other community support services will be notified and/or invited to attend these conferences. School Nurse The School Nurse provides health services including, but not limited to: counseling, implementing control of communicable disease in compliance with the rules established by local and state health departments, assists all students who become injured during school, and regularly communicates with parents/guardians for all absences and health related issues. Student Assistance Coordinator The Student Assistance Coordinator is responsible for abuse assessments, referrals to community based treatment agencies, drug test monitoring, individual or group counseling, and peer mediation. Community Service Students are provided with in-house and off campus opportunities to serve the communities in which they live and attend school, while fulfilling Elizabeth Public School District's community service requirement and providing them with exposure to opportunities that allow them to see that they personally have so much to offer the world. College and Career Readiness Through regular sessions with the guidance counselor and social worker,  students receive college and career guidance, assistance in the college application process, and instruction on developing the skills necessary to succeed after graduation. Pathways The Pathways to Union County College Program is a grant funded program offered by the Union County Educational Services Foundation that allows Hillcrest Academy seniors who meet admission criteria the opportunity to enroll in college courses during the spring semester of their senior year. Student Advocate Program The Student Advocate Program aligns with the mission of the school by providing a system of accountability where students, staff, and families are able to communicate on a weekly basis to assure that each student learns to take responsibility for themselves, their schooling, and planning for their future.