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Academics & Curriculum


In order to ensure that every UCESC student grows in knowledge, skills, and character, teacher led departments and professional learning communities collaborate to create high quality curricula and instruction for all classrooms. Professional educators will participate in:

● Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is infused with the curriculum and implemented in all classes as well as specific SEL lessons during every student's Success Seminar course

● A four year curriculum review cycle

● Curriculum mapping within departments and individually

● Creation of common assessments across departments

● Data analysis to meet group and individual student needs

● Professional development opportunities that allow staff to continuously grow as education professionals

All course curricula are aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and are designed to prepare students for college and career.  UCESC educators have developed a series of courses that meet the graduation requirements of the Elizabeth Public School District  while addressing the unique needs of our student population. For detailed information on our curriculum, please click here.