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Mission Statement


It is the mission of Hillcrest Academy South Campus that all graduates have demonstrated the following attributes:

  • Responsibility and accountability for themselves by routinely producing quality work through high academic standards now and in the future
  • A sense of pride in who they are and what they can contribute as a responsible citizen
  • Self esteem coming from a positive attitude, confidence, and a sense of self worth
  • Confidence in planning for their future
  • Tolerance, respectfulness, maturity, honesty and integrity

These attributes will ensure the success of all Hillcrest Academy South Campus graduates as they are able to:

  • Work well in groups
  • Have positive work habits
  • Identify and develop their talents
  • Think and work productively
  • Use technology for a variety of purposes
  • Routinely produce quality work with integrity

 What you will see in the classrooms and “in and around the building” to ensure the Hillcrest Academy South Campus mission:

  • Students will confidently share ideas
  • Students will be taking risks to better themselves
  • A sense of a community of learners         
  • Trust amongst students and teachers
  • Teachers will provide appropriate assessments and frequent feedback
  • Engagement and critical thinking
  • Autonomy, recognition, and integrity