Upstander of the Week

JETS Tackle Bullying with Lamberts Mill Academy

The New York Jets have teamed up with STOMP Out Bullying and Lamberts Mill Academy to tackle all forms of bullying in our schools. We are committed to raising awareness, providing tools for educators, and preventing bullying for students. The Jets have generously provided our staff with the resources to build a school climate of “upstanders.” An “upstander” is someone who stands up against bullying by helping someone who is being bullied. As educators we strive to use these valuable resources to create meaningful dialog with students, educate students through proven social emotional learning methods, continue to promote character building in our schools, and involve both students and faculty in working together to change school climate. We have been given an additional opportunity to participate in the New York Jets Upstander of the Week Program. This is a school initiative that provides Lamberts Mill Academy with Jets tickets to award one student each week for 16 weeks who demonstrates “upstanding” qualities.

New York Jets "Stomp Out Bullying" Upstander of the Week 


Week 15


ohn goes out of his way to be kind to others and help people feel included. We had a new student beginning who was feeling left out and John invited the student to play on his team during a game at lunch. 

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Week 13

Dani went out of her way this week to welcome a new student to our school and offer the student a seat at her lunch table. Dani is kind and caring of others. She is a true role model for how you should treat others.

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Week 12


Brandon is courteous and respectful of others. he is always willing to help, participate, or share a fun story with others. Brandon treats people how he would like to be treated.

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Week 11
Bye week! Each NFL team has one "bye week" during a normal season; this is placed on the team's schedule, usually falling between Week 5 and Week 11 inclusive. The NFL has used the bye week since 1990 so as to extend the 16-game regular season schedule to span 17 weeks.

Week 10


Jabrien is a kind person. He respects others feelings and ideas. He works hard as a Student Government Representative to make his school a wonderful place for his fellow students.

Week 9


Cristian is a kind and generous person. He thinks of others and lends a helping hand to cheer others up when they are feeling down. Cristian stands up to bullying by showing people how they should be treated with kindness.

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Week 8


Zaryah opens her arms to welcome anyone who is struggling, having a rough day, or just needs a little extra support. She stands up to bullying by motivating her peers to go for their dreams, accomplish their goals, and never give up. #JetsTackleBullying @nyjets @STOMPOutBullyng @NYMCU_News

Week 7


Diego makes a choice to be an Upstander each day he chooses to get on the bus and set a positive example at school. Diego stands up to his peers who make negative comments about others and does not stand by while others are being hurt by cruel words. 
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Week 6


Tyshawn is an “upstander” by recognizing when something is wrong and acting to make it right. Tyshawn is kind to others and stays away from negative comments made about his peers. He choses to rise about the drama and channel his energy into positive activities that include rather than exclude others. 

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Week 5


Lori is a caring and genuine person. She stands up to cruelness and takes the power away from a bully by letting others know when certain behavior is not appropriate. Lori will always speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in while remaining respectful and kind when doing so. Lori is a perfect example of why we need to stop being bystanders and stand up to bullying.
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Week 4


 Enrique proves by respecting yourself and making the right choices you can become a role model for others. Since the start of the school year, Enrique has set the example of how to hold your head up high, take a leadership role in amplifying student's voice, and influence people in a positive way. 

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Week 3


Deya stands up to bullying by speaking out when he hears other students making mean comments towards people. Deya chooses not to sit back and watch instead he sets and an example of how one person can make a difference and help a fellow student. #JetsTackleBullying @nyjets @STOMPOutBullyng @NYMCU_News

Week 2

Matthew interacts with the school community in a kind and gentle manner.  He sets the example for how we should treat one another throughout the school day. Matthew is considerate of others and uses his strengths in academics to help other students who are struggling. Matthew stands up to bullying by showing people the power of staying positive and treating others how you wish to be treated.

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Week 1


Lamberts Mill Academy's September 7th Upstander of the Week is Elijah S. Elijah sets an example for how we should treat other people. He is kind, thoughtful of others, and never feeds into gossip. Elijah stands up to bullying by choosing to stay away from mean spirited conversations.

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