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Claudine Tantillo

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Welcome to Westlake School! Westlake is a public separate school that teaches students to learn through hands on activities that are structured in school and generalized into the community and during work experiences.  Our staff works hard to increase student skills in communication, academics, socializations, vocational and activities of daily living. Over the years as Westlake School’s Principal, I have been delighted to work with students, parents, staff and case managers in strengthening our program and continuing to evolve the programs towards student’s individual needs.  I continue to learn in many ways from all of you and encourage others to do the same.

Please take a moment to view our school website where you will find all the pertinent information about our school and programs.

My personal and professional mission is to lead a life of accomplishment and great success by: 

  • Being a lifelong learner and encouraging my own children and students to do the same
  • Centering my life around the principles of integrity, values, and community service
  • Remembering the important things in life are family, friends, and good health
  • Giving to others and remembering just how fortunate we are
  • Being a role model for others
  • Being respected as a leader and an educator
  • Being remembered as hard working and dedicated to teaching students to reach their highest potential.  

Feel free to contact me by telephone or email if you should have questions or concerns during the school year.


Claudine Tantillo